March 2015 Newsletter
dealsnapt now supports over 25 active groups from local school fundraisers to nationwide employers.   Our featured group of the month, ASA Tournaments, provides useful park maps and offers at nearby shops, restaurants and hotels to visiting attendees.  Read moreOur commitment to our business owners is to continually increase their ability to be seen by consumers and to encourage them to engage.  The introduction of on-location games and featured deals on the home page of the app has resulted in a ten-fold increase in sessions and session length. What this means is that people are in the app more often and for a longer period of time.  We are confident that credits will result in more dramatic increases.   Learn more  Spring is officially here and its time to freshen up your promotions to fit the season.  Contact the dealsnapt Support Team for help updating your marketing campaigns at (855) 637-6278 or Want to learn more?    Schedule a NO-Obligation Demo Today
Group of the Month - ASA Tournaments
dealsnapt Groups are now being utilized by Event Promoters!  This provides your business with a unique opportunity to engage with consumers who are visiting from out of town for an event.  This is an audience of individuals that are new to the area and are looking for nearby experiences.  Previously they were limited to word of mouth or just by happening on your business. Now out-of-towners can get information and driving directions right to your shop!
ASA Tournaments runs 16 girls softball tournaments a year in the Lincoln, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Antelope, Folsom areas.  Each tournament has 75-150 teams participating which results in over 3000 potential customers per event.
As a dealsnapt Merchant, you can join this group and others from your WEB Merchant Center.  Simply click on the Group tab and select the employer, fundraiser or promoter groups that you want to access. You can see the upcoming events in their profile and be able to plan out your marketing campaigns. See how to join a group in Snaptown University.
If you are a Visitors Bureau, Convention Center, Festival or Tournament Organizer, dealsnapt Groups can provide tremendous value to out-of-town and local attendees alike. Learn more about dealsnapt Groups

By accepting credits you will be promoted in the app as a destination where engaged consumers can shop.   You define the minimum spend and the maximum credits per transaction.  Studies show that consumers will spend 150% of the minimum purchase amount.

In the end, this works out to be a simple discount from the business, BUT the consumer earns the right to use it.  For example, if you offered a maximum of $5 credits to be used on $20 or more of spend, you would ensure, worst case that the consumer would spend $15 in your store at a 25% discount.  If the consumer spent $40 then you would have only given a 12.5% discount.  You keep all the proceeds.

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 How To Create Exclusive Deals

How To Create Exclusive Deals

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How Can I Request Access To A Group?

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How To Create A Store

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