July 2015 Newsletter
 Our fundraising and team programs are kicking into full gear throughout the summer.  In Northern California we have,
  • 15 high school fundraisers

  • 4 youth sports leagues

  • 1 large employer

  • 1 professional sports team

  • 1 large foundation,

representing over 55,000 new incremental consumers with access to the platform from their group.  In the coming 60 days, the number will conservatively double.   These groups represent people that can see and engage with your business on dealsnapt and give you the opportunity to target your marketing to the groups that mean the most to you.   We are the first and only platform that allows just-in-time access to geo-targeted groups. See the left side-bar for new Groups in July.

How do you spell success? B-I-N-G-O. See the remarkable statistics from our Featured Business that has just completed their first year on the platform.  You will want to see this…

Increase your Followers and Walk-ins by over 250% in a short time.  Our latest 3-pronged program, will Boost your followers, Amplify your brand, and Target your marketing. The graphic below shows results from a restaurant customer for both their new followers and walk-in’s (in-store clicks).  The green area highlights the change in Followers and Walk-ins in a 4 week period since adoption the new marketing approach. Read more…

Our new and improved Business Insight Reports are sent to you on a semi-monthly basis. See,

  • Trending for impact, ROI, Followers and Clicks

  • New vs. Returning Customers

  • Spin 2 Win winners

  • Credit use

  • And more

Take A Test Drive
Bingo Featured Business
If you asked 100 people about the most suitable business types for digital and mobile advertising, the Bingo category would get few, if any votes.  What we are about to share will most certainly raise eyebrows.  This customer is Vaca Valley Bingo In Vacaville, CA and we congratulate them on a highly successful year. 

Last 30 Days

1st Year Totals

dealsnapt Impact



Return on Investment

220 times

220 times




CTR ( Click-through Rate)



New Followers



Spin2Win Game Winners



New Customers



Returning Customers



The numbers in the table above show lofty and consistent returns, market leading consumer engagement and steady new customer acquisition.  These are three key elements to a successful marketing campaign. Mobile marketing on the dealsnapt platform works for any user demographic, and when a business makes it an integral part of their acquisition, engagement and retention processes, they shine and cap their marketing spend. Would you like similar results?  
BATTake Your Turn at BAT: Boost, Amplify, Target
We have developed a three-pronged approach to maximize your marketing results:
Boost, Amplify and Target.
  1. Boost Your FollowersWe developed an easy way to get your existing customers to follow you on the dealsnapt platform. ‘Text to Follow’ is working amazingly well with businesses who are acquiring up to 100 new followers a month.  Imagine having the power to regulate business sales and to reward your regular clientele.   The more you engage with exclusive offers, the more they will spend with you. 
  2. Amplify Your Brand:  By accepting credits (NEW) and running the on-location Spin2Win game your business is promoted on the home screen of the Apple and Android apps.   This will result in new customers at your door because of an earned discount and the allure of winning the grand prize.  As with ‘boost your Followers’ above we have seen massive increases in engagement across all business categories.
  3. Target Your Marketing:  As a dealsnapt business subscriber, you have the opportunity to target your message to employee HR benefit groups (like Kaiser Permanente), over 20 High School and team fundraising groups , and  fan groups (like California Dream).  By offering a better deal to these groups than the general public, you will encourage them to channel their purchases to you through the groups they care about.   Your offer is only seen by group members, thereby limiting exposure and driving fundraising dollars to where they are needed.
We provide annual premium subscribers with the ‘Text to Follow’ keyword and in-store materials at no cost.  Contact us at me@dealsnapt.com or call 855-637-6278 for a marketing tune up  
New Groups Live in July


InsightGet a Complete Picture of Your Business
It is very important to know how your marketing is working for you on an on-going basis so that you can adapt and improve.  dealsnapt provides insights to you on a semi-monthly basis with key metrics and trends for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.
The section below shows that the platform encouraged 260 new customers, and 60 returning customers to click.  In addition clicks are broken down by uniqueness, proximity, store vs. deal, and public vs. exclusive.

The next section shows how the in-store game and discount credits are performing over the past 30 days, and all-time.  You are always provided with the ability to update your account settings directly from the emails to minimize time spent and maximize results achieved.

If you would like a report walk-though, no worries! Email us at me@dealsnapt.com or call 855-637-6278.

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