June 6, 2016
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January 8, 2016
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November 18, 2015
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September 10, 2015
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August 6, 2015
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May 15, 2015
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March 15, 2015
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February 21, 2015
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November 11, 2014
Let Local Schools Help Market Your Business [Read more...]

November 9, 2014
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September 17, 2014
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September 8, 2014
September Newsletter 2014 [Read more...]

June 18, 2014
New Release, Small Business of the Year, and Nationwide Content [Read more...]

April 23, 2014
Celebrate Earth Day with dealsnapt [Read more...]

March 27, 2014
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March 1, 2014
Newsletter - January/February 2014 [Read more...]

November 25, 2013
Newsletter Nov 2013 - Six Stages to New and Repeat Customers [Read more...]

November 4, 2013
Networking Nexus: DOWNLOAD - Like - Win [Read more...]

October 19, 2013
Newsletter - Oct/Nov 2013 [Read more...]

August 22, 2013
Reward Your Loyal Customers [Read more...]

July 22, 2013
Featured on Good Day Sacramento and a New Release [Read more...]

June 21, 2013
77% ROI using dealsnapt's Mobile Marketing Moxie [Read more...]

May 21, 2013
Mobile Marketing Platform to Appear On-Screen to Over One Million Viewers per Month [Read more...]

May 17, 2013
Coming Soon to a Theater Near You [Read more...]

April 12, 2013
A New Release and 'App of the Day' Just In Time for Mother's Day [Read more...]

March 9, 2013
Shoppers Spend Twice Their Time in Mobile Apps vs. the Internet [Read more...]

February 12, 2013
'Walk-in' Tracking and 'Buy Now' Vouchers [Read more...]

January 8, 2013
Expansion to new areas and Purchasable Deals [Read more...]

January 5, 2013
Revolutionary Local Mobile Marketing Platform launches Jimboy's into 2013 [Read more...]

December 13, 2012
Over 8000 local shoppers and 350+ storefronts to date [Read more...]

November 16, 2012
Small and Medium Businesses Take Back Black Friday [Read more...]

October 8, 2012
dealsnapt™ is quickly approaching 5000 users in Roseville within 25 miles of Roseville, CA [Read more...]

September 19, 2012
dealsnapt™ introduces 'Follow Me' button for merchants web sites, and Redemption from the WEB [Read more...]

September 5, 2012
dealsnapt™ 1.8 now available - supports push notifications and more [Read more...]

August 8, 2012
dealsnapt™ is expanding into Northern California and Nevada.

July 10, 2012
Manage your business 'on the go' with the dealsnapt™ merchant app. [Read more...]

June 6, 2012
dealsnapt™ blows through 2000 users and is demonstrating real ROI with customers ( >38% in just 12 days). [Read more...]

May 18, 2012
Come see us at Orangevale Pow Wow Days at Orangevale Community Park - Oak and Filbert St. We are giving away an iPOD Shuffle on Saturday and Sunday for downloading the app and sharing some awesome deals.

May 11, 2012
Dealsnapt™ continues its expansion as it joins the Orangevale Chamber of Commerce. Look for us at Pow Wow Days and look for new businesses coming on board

May 11, 2012
Come see us at the Roseville BerryFest (Booth 95) this Saturday and Sunday (May 12th-13th). We are giving away an iPOD shuffle each day. Just download the app and show us that you are sharing deals and events with your friends for a chance to win.

April 25, 2012
New release of dealsnapt™ supports events and secure deal redemption. [Read more...]

April 12, 2012
dealsnapt™ connects Loomis and gives back to Del Oro through the Del Oro Parents Club (DOPC). Over 25 businesses and counting are participating giving a diverse deal selection for shoppers [Read more...]

March 20, 2012
Roseville hotels use dealsnapt™ as an alternative to coupons

March 10, 2012
We reached 100 stores and 1,000+ users.

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