January/February 2014
2014 is being dubbed the year of the mobile (even though we celebrating the Year of the Horse).    At dealsnapt we continue to convey to our businesses and prospects  that mobile, social and local media is the way that small business MUST go.
Hear it from one of the most prominent CEOs in the world, Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO -
"We are navigating through what I believe to be a significant sea change," Schultz said on "Squawk on the Street." "We're going to be talking about this for quite some time. I would not want to be a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer that did not have mobile payments, that did not have social and digital media. Those companies are going to find themselves significantly challenged in 2014 and beyond."
A new version of dealsnapt for Apple, Android and WEB hit the market over the weekend, with significant new features that increase consumer engagement from local, mobile and social perspectives including
  • SnapBuzz
  • New Notifications, emails and Quick Links
  • Optimized Location Switching
  • User Earn more Rewards
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Valentine's Day is around the corner, so start thinking about the perfect something for him and/or her.  Leverage our 'Buy Now' capabilities to secure early bookings.
There are many new features coming in the very near future.  The most important for your business is the ability to send exclusive deals and events to your most loyal customers.   Presently content is distributed to the entire dealsnapt user base.  This is great for new customer acquisition and engagement, but what if you could send your best offers to your most loyal customers?   Exclusive offers and events is the first phase or  our comprehensive loyalty program that will allow businesses to reward the frequent purchases and activity. Get your customers toFOLLOW your store now.   Find out How!
For existing merchants - keep posting.  Shoppers are watching and our network is growing.  Contact Us
 FeaturedBizFeatured Businesses - Nugget Market and DVD2NITE
dealsnapt has extended the relationship with Nugget Markets and DVD2NITE over the Holidays and through January where we gave 2 FREE DVDs with a dealsnapt download.  This deal expires on the 31st of January.   User dealsnapt to get this and other deals
Over the past month this relationship has contributed to a 30% increase in daily app downloads.  We are excited about continuing with this relationship.
In addition, DVD2NITE will update consumers on new releases.
Nearby dealsnapt businesses will gain new consumers and be seen alongside the DVD2NITE content.
ReleaseHighlightsRelease 2.5 Highlights
With this release we focused on increasing consumer engagement and setting the stage for exclusive offers and increased social engagement
snapBuzz is a personal (myBuzz) and local (localBuzz) message stream for users.   myBuzz lists what the consumer is liking, requesting, earning rewards for and more.
The localBuzz shows consumer nearby activity to help influence a consumer's decision
Notifications, Emails, and Quick-links
 There are now 4 unique classes of deals
  1. Deals that are only running TODAY
  2. Deals that are expiring TODAY
  3. Deals that are new TODAY
  4. Popular deals that are back
which help guide the user to act.
Users Earn Rewards
Consumers can earn rewards when they request deals at local businesses that, in turn run a deal.  The business is immediately notified of the request.  When a deal is run, the user gets the reward in their dealsnapt wallet and sees the notification in myBuzz (see graphic)
Switching Location
Users can see what is happening in other areas from the merchant, deal and event lists by tapping in the  'search' bar.   The location box and all previous selections appear.
dealsnapt is available on both the Apple App store and Google Play.
WatchersFollowers are loyal customers
Get your customers to Follow your store on dealsnapt to build your loyalty program AND to receive credits on your renewals.
How does it work?
When in your store profile on the dealsnapt app, the user taps the top right, followed by Follow (see the 2 RED ovals on the phone screen to the right)
The user is now a follower of your store and can receive exclusive offers and events. In addition, for every active Follow on your store, you could receive $1 in credit to your dealsnapt renewal.  For example, 420 followers would result in a FREE year at the standard package level.  It is that simple, and a healthy community of returning customers is better for your business.
We also can help you migrate your email subscriber to this much more effective marketing model:  local, instant and affordable.
If you want to participate in this program and move your inefficient email list over to dealsnapt, let us know.   Contact us
BuyNowBuy Now - great for shoppers and merchants
BuyNowdealsnapt has introduced an important new feature.   Businesses can offer deals that can be purchased up front with Buy Now. Redemption is managed through either the Merchant App on a smartphone or the WEB.On the user side, dealsnapt will provide $5 in credits to all new sign-ups. Existing users will also have a chance to receive additional credits with every redemption they make. These credits can be applied to merchants that are offering Buy Now deals.  This is an advantage to both the user and the business as shown in the example to the right,
  • User - would have paid $8.75 for the taco deal (a 53% discount)
  • Business - will get paid based on the $13.75 Amount Paid.
A Message to our Business Partners
The dealsnapt team wants you to be successful with the platform.   We have made signing-in and setting-up intuitive, but our success is dependent on your success. If you need a demo or help creating your store, deals and events, we are here for you.
Send us an email at feedback@dealsnapt.com or call us at 1-855-63-SNAPT.