March 2014
This issue is jam-packed with great testimonials, features, promotions and best practices brought to you by the your dealsnapt team.
What If -  dealsnapt?
What If - dealsnapt?
Continuing with the theme of 'The Year of the Mobile' from last month dealsnapt is experiencing phenomenal growth in all the markets that it now serves, but even more significant is that the conversion metrics are unprecedented.  Read below to see astounding metrics from the sleepy town of Red Bluff, CA where we outline the numbers and explain why, with dealsnapt,  it is NOT so sleepy!
dealsnapt is now offering new promotions to consumers for using dealsnapt  such as;  free stays in Las Vegas, a Wine Trail Tasting card, and others soon to follow.  Save money, help businesses, and get rewarded.  See More.
In addition, dealsnapt rewards users that ask businesses to run specials and to request new business sign ups.  Credits are earned that can be used to purchase Buy Now deals.  See More.
In our best practices section we discuss creating campaigns that engage users through advance notice of a sale, and notification on the day of the sale.  See More
Exclusive offers and events are part of the first phase of our comprehensive loyalty program which will allow businesses to reward frequent purchases and activity. Get your customers to FOLLOW your store now.   Find out How!
For existing merchants - consistent posting creates hyperlocal branding for your business.  Shoppers are watching.   Our network is growing.  Contact Us
PromotionsPromotions - Vegas, Wine and More
Be seen and appreciated in the promotions tab. dealsnapt has been giving Apple and Android Tablets away to consumers who use our platform to save money,  keeping business and dollars local.   Now businesses are using promotions to engage users and to provide consumers with great deals using their earned credits. Our March Promotion winner of the tablet, Majken from Rohnert Park, had the following to say 'I love dealsnapt. All my favorite restaurants in the area,  like Tubby's and Marvin's in Cotati use dealsnapt. My favorite deal was their $3 mimosas on the weekend!' Majken won by logging her redemptions at local businesses.
  Vegas Baby Promotion
  • dealsnapt is offering FREE two night stays in Las Vegas for ALL consumers that use their sign-up credit of $5
  • this offer is available in all markets to all users 21 and older
  • there are no strings attached to this deal. Just get to Vegas and enjoy.
In addition, for the month of March, all consumers that redeem, like or share deals will be eligible to win 3 tasting cards and a t-shirt from SIP California (a $150 value)
Contact us at to haveYOUR promotion featured in the app.
GetCreditsRequest Deals and Stores - Get Credits
In addition to offering FREE promotions to consumers using dealsnapt, we are offering credits to users who ask for deals at businesses in our network AND ask businesses to sign-up.   This campaign has resulted in over 1000 requests in the first 4 weeks of operations.   Today, credits can be applied to 'Buy Now' deals in the system BUT very soon the credits will apply to all deals accepted by our businesses: Request a Deal
For example, assume you offered a 25% discount voucher  on a $20 purchase.  If a user had accumulated $10 in credits, they could purchase your voucher for $5!!!  dealsnapt would compensate the business based on the $15 in-app purchase value.   A subscribed business would receive $12.75 from dealsnapt.
You offer a 36% discount and the user sees a 75% discount.
RedBluffRed Bluff is Buff!
dealsnapt is experiencing phenomenal growth in all the markets it now serves, but even more significant is that the conversion metrics are unprecedented.  For example, one customer with over 10 shops in Northern California is experiencing close to 15% click-through rates (CTR) and over 5% Click-to-Purchase (CTP).   CTP is an indicator of consumer engagement - they are viewing and clicking -  and at this rate it is 10 times better than  the BEST WEB sites.   CTP is an indicator of true advertising ROI to the business because money is changing hands at the point-of-sale.
We have similar results in towns and cities throughout our footprint.  In Red Bluff CA, a town with 14,000 residents, we have seen CTR of 12.5%, and CTP of 6.2%.  THIS IS ACROSS AN ENTIRE TOWN IN JUST 12 MONTHS.   It is about small businesses engaging nearby consumers, and together they create a loyal consumer base that keeps coming back.
So why are these statistics so amazing?    Let's turn to independent research.  A recent report by getchee, titled 'How the Mobile Revolution Is Changing Retail' where it highlights mobile in 2014 being what e-commerce was to the 1990s and the credit card was to the 1960s,  has some of the answers:
  • 4 out of 5 US consumers now use smartphones to shop
  • $119 Billion in sales is expected through mobile commerce by 2015
  • 43% of smartphone owners used their mobile device while in a store for a shopping purpose
  • 38% of smartphone users prefer sharing product info with friends on an app
  • 56% of people believe mobile can make shopping more enjoyable
  • 79% of smartphone users found it useful to download mobile coupons to their phone
  • 73% of shoppers prefer to reference their mobile device in-store rather than ask a sales associate for help
The article goes on to say that smart and future-proof retailers need to develop a mobile strategy to connect with mobile users.   This author, of course, has seen this coming and therefore, naturally believes them. Consumers today are busy, spontaneous and on the go. Wouldn't  a nearby business want to access them when they are down the street, across the parking lot or outside their door.  Those businesses destined to succeed will.
BestPracticesBest Practices -  Sales Events and Promotions
Advanced Notice
You can use dealsnapt to create campaigns to notify consumers in advance of a special or pre-planned sale. The deal displayed  to the right, informs the public that Heidi's will be running a deal on Friday.
An example campaign highlighting Advance notice using Heidi's pies could be to:
  1. Notify users of pre-planned announcements, offers, deals, Events, promotions,  etc
  2. Run deals as separate offerings on the day of. These can be redeemable or purchasable in advance or both.
  3. Flash deals could occur at different intervals from 1 - 4 hours during the day to initiate NEW notification reminders to nearby consumers.
This particular campaign will notify users at least 5 times (dependent on location and user preferences):
  1. up to 3 daily email notifications
  2. up to 3 daily notifications
  3. up to 4 proximity notifications
In addition, there are social networks, and in-app placement methods that influence the users as well.
WatchersFollowers are loyal customers
Get your customers to Follow your business on dealsnapt to build your loyalty program AND to receive credits on your renewals.
How does it work?  In one simple TAP!
When in your store profile on the dealsnapt app tap either of the 2 RED ovals shown to the right.
The user is now a follower of your business and can receive exclusive offers and events. In addition, for every active Follow on your business, you could receive $1 in credit to your dealsnapt renewal.  For example, ONLY 2 of your customers following your business each day  would result in a FREE year at the standard package level or  ONLY 3 at the Premium level.  It's that simple!
A healthy community of returning customers is better for your business.
We also can help you migrate your email subscribers to this much more effective marketing model:  local, instant and affordable.
If you want to incorporate your existing, inefficient, non-productive, non-income earning email list in your dealsnapt platform we we will do that for you.   Contact us
A Message to our Business Partners
The dealsnapt team wants you to be successful with the platform.   We have made signing-in, setting-up, and getting your product or service feature and active quick, simple and intuitive.
Our success is dependent on your success.
If you need a demo or help setting up your business, announcements,  deals,  and events, we are here for you, at your service.
Send us an email at or call us at 1-855-63-SNAPT.
We are committed to support local businesses, their communities, and the environment around them.
the dealsnapt team