October/November 2015 Newsletter
The Holiday season is quickly approaching and we have been busy updating both our Merchant and User Apps so that your business can more readily target nearby consumers and to give users more reasons to enter the app more often.
Shoppers love savings!  The latest release of the dealsnapt App features a coupon section with deals at hundreds of retailers across the nation to complement our market leading local content.
One of the most significant recent additions to dealsnapt was the addition of Groups for Fundraisers, Employers and Associations.  Subscribed businesses can target their offer and events to these groups and with the latest release of the Merchant App, we have taken this capaability mobile.  Read More
Over 50 fundraisers are now active on the dealsnapt platform connecting over 12,000 supporters to their local businesses and generating over $150,000 to local schools and teams.   We have developed a way to start both card-based and card-less fundraisers at no risk to the organization raising funds.
Just direct them our way.   Read more or sign-up now.
See the left sidebar for our latest fundraisers that our subscribed businesses can access.
The BAT program continues to exceed expectations for increased followers and sales growth at our subscribed businesses.   A critical component of making any program successful is engagement of your staff.    Read more from the Cognizant Shopper Experience Study from August.
Now is the time to promote your business in advance of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.  We are here to help Schedule a Complimentary Session with a Marketing Specialist.  or contact us directly at 855-637-6278.
Our new and improved Business Insight Reports are sent to you on a semi-monthly basis. See,
  • Trending for impact, ROI, Followers and Clicks
  • New vs. Returning Customers
  • Spin 2 Win winners
  • Credit use
  • And more
dealsnapt Release 3.2NewApp
 Our latest release is now available in the Apple and Google Play stores and features the addition of the coupon section where consumers can find scannable coupons at major retailers across the country.  Simply show the coupon at checkout.  The clerk will scan the bar code and you will save money.
Now in addition to local deals at nearby businesses, consumers can save more during the Holiday season and throughout the year.  This brings them into the app more often.  More visits translates into increase views/click or your content and more redemptions at your business.
Delight your Followers with an instant notification of the deals you are offering.  When they tap 'Follow' the are presented with your current Follower deals.
In addition, the new release now enables group members to add photos to the Group Gallery.   Make your group more lively with pictures from the weekend soccer tournament or from a recent school fundraiser.  Members can comment on the pictures, as well.
forFundraisersNo-risk Fundraisers

Our fundraisers are ready-made.  We have made it very easy to enhance existing card programs or to start one from scratch.   You will receive materials to help promote your fundraiser both electronically and through printed media.   The program is titled 'SNAP4', requires no capital commitment, and the fundraiser receives 100% of the profits.
Our fundraisers are great for schools, teams, leagues, charities and churches.
If you want to learn more or get started, simply fill out the form using the link below or contact us at 855-637-6278.
NewMerchantAppdealsnapt Merchant 
 The only platform that provides true 'on-demand 'marketing just got a whole lot better with the addition of group targeting from the Merchant App.  The 'My Groups' tab now lets you browse the latest groups and to 'Join' right from your Mobile Phone.
Once you have been approved, you can immediately post content to that group from the 'My Deals' section.  We have also enabled the ability to target your content to multiple groups at one time.  The graphic to the right shows the selection of Kaiser Permanente, El Camino Fundamental HS, and Roseville Youth Soccer Club as the target for a deal.
We continue to make your marketing more efficient and effective so that you can focus on making your business successful.
Get the merchant app on,
ForBusinessesFor Businesses
The BAT program is proving to grow loyal followers and generate additional revenue.
dealsnapt is much more than a deal platform.  It is a customer engagement and retention engine, that drives repeat visits and increased profits for business  We wanted to bring to your attention to something special that is happening with our premium customers.  Earlier this year we began effort within the platform to accelerate the acquisition and engagement of Followers.  Followers are a group of your VIP customers that you reward for continuing to return.
  • April - introduction the Text to Follow code for premium customers.  The Keyword is included in the premium package and is yours as long as you are a subscriber.  When consumers text YOURCODE to 63975 they become a follower
  • June - dealsnapt 3.0 launched.  The main feature for business is the featuring on the home screen of the app when you are running a Spin2Win game or Accepting Credits.
  • July - exclusive Follow deals were migrated to the Nearby Deals area of the app to enable you to quickly gain followers.  To use the deal they need to become a follower
  • August - BAT campaigns included as part of initial account setup
  • September - dealsnapt 3.1 launched.   From the list views consumers can Follow your business, Save your deals, and Attend your events in a single TAP.
The following graph shows the Follower Growth in the Sacramento Area.
We have advocated since the launch of our first platform in January 2012 that the level of success of a business with any new marketing program, including ours, is dependent on empowerment and information at the Sales Associate level.
Sales Associates are the closest part of your business to the end-customer.   The difference between a delightful experience and a 'in-and-done' visit lies with them.   Ensure that they embrace your digital marketing platform, understand it, and can convey to your customers with a smile.
Get more followers today.  Send exclusive content to them to fill up your slow times, and make them feel special.  Schedule a demo today  
forEmployers For Employers
 Two of the largest gaps at most organizations are connection to it's employees and to the community it serves.  dealsnapt closes both gaps and more.  With the latest release of the platform employers can enjoy the following out-of-the-box benefits added to exclusive deals and events,
  • Employee Polls - take the pulse of your employees.  Allow them to see the results.
  • Group Posts - Announce important events, dates or information to all group members and post photos
  • Member Engagement - group members can rate and comment on announcements/posts
  • Group Games - reward members for coming back into the group.  You determine the frequency, prizes etc.
  • Optimized access to Group page - new members will automatically start dealsnapt within the employers group.  This means that they see polls, announcements, games, deals etc that are exclusive to them FIRST when the enter the app
If you would like a demo or more information about Snaptown for Employers, please send an email to me@dealsnapt.com or call us at 855-637-6278
Get a Complete Picture of Your Business
It is very important to know how your marketing is working for you on an on-going basis so that you can adapt and improve.  dealsnapt provides insights to you on a semi-monthly basis with key metrics and trends for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.
The section below shows that the platform encouraged 260 new customers, and 60 returning customers to click.  In addition clicks are broken down by uniqueness, proximity, store vs. deal, and public vs. exclusive.

 The next section shows how the in-store game and discount credits are performing over the past 30 days, and all-time.  You are always provided with the ability to update your account settings directly from the emails to minimize time spent and maximize results achieved.

If you would like a report walk-though, no worries! Email us at me@dealsnapt.com or call 855-637-6278.

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