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We are excited  to announce the latest release of dealsnapt with a focus on group and consumer engagement.  It is now available in both the Apple and Google Play stores.   With his release we are the only platform in the market that brings all key community elements together:  businesses, consumers, employers and fundraisers can connect and engage through mobile devices, social media and the web.
For fundraisers, we have made it simpler to start a successful fundraiser than ever.  Read more on how you can join over 10,000 school and team supporters that are now benefitting from dealsnapt.
For employers, we have added polls to take the pulse of the employee base and post important content to them.  Employees can like or comment on posts.  Read more about how to connect with and engage your employers
For consumers we have made it easier to earn credits by following, saving and attending.  Credits are used at local businesses for a larger discount and are highlighted on the home page.
Our commitment is to continually bring more and more engaged users to you.  Your job is to do what you do best...selling a great product or service.  Together we increase your customers, followers and profits.
New fundraisers continue to onboard throughout Northern California.  See the left sidebar for the latest additions.
Our new and improved Business Insight Reports are sent to you on a semi-monthly basis. See,
  • Trending for impact, ROI, Followers and Clicks
  • New vs. Returning Customers
  • Spin 2 Win winners
  • Credit use
  • And more
We have moved our headquarters to a fun and tech friendly loft in Roseville, California to accommodate needed growth and expansion of the business.  Drop by our new offices at,
920 Reserve Drive, Suite 140
Roseville, CA 95678
Feel free to write on the walls.  Seriously.
ForBusinessesFor Businesses
The BAT program is proving to grow loyal followers and generate additional revenue from them.  We highlighted a casual dining restaurant in our last issue, showing how they had ramped up their followers and walk-ins (in-store clicks).
The left diagram shows month 1 and the right diagram depicts month 1 and 2 .  The results,
  • 72% Growth month 1-2
  • 890% growth since BAT start
  • Walk-in's, clicks, impressions AND redemptions show similar trends
    • 130% logged redemption increase since BAT over prior 10 month total
We can't wait for month 3.
Get more followers today.  Send exclusive content to them to fill up your slow times, and make them feel special.  Schedule a demo today
forFundraisersFor Fundraisers
Over 40 fundraisers are now active on the dealsnapt platform connecting over 10,000 supporters to their local businesses and generating over $150,000 to local schools and teams.
We have made it very easy to enhance existing card programs or to start one from scratch.   You will receive materials to help promote your fundraiser both electronically and through printed media.   The program is titled 'SNAP4', requires no capital commitment, and the fundraiser receives 100% of the profits.
Our fundraisers are great for schools, teams, leagues, charities and churches.
If you want to learn more or get started, simply fill out the form using the link below or contact us at 855-637-6278.
forEmployers For Employers
Two of the largest gaps at most organizations are connection to it's employees and to the community it serves.  dealsnapt closes both gaps and more.  With the latest release of the platform employers can enjoy the following out-of-the-box benefits added to exclusive deals and events,
  • Employee Polls - take the pulse of your employees.  Allow them to see the results.
  • Group Posts - Announce important events, dates or information to all group members and post photos
  • Member Engagement - group members can rate and comment on announcements/posts
  • Group Games - reward members for coming back into the group.  You determine the frequency, prizes etc.
  • Optimized access to Group page - new members will automatically start dealsnapt within the employers group.  This means that they see polls, announcements, games, deals etc that are exclusive to them FIRST when the enter the app
If you would like a demo or more information about Snaptown for Employers, please send an email to or call us at 855-637-6278
Get a Complete Picture of Your Business
It is very important to know how your marketing is working for you on an on-going basis so that you can adapt and improve.  dealsnapt provides insights to you on a semi-monthly basis with key metrics and trends for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.   The section below shows that the platform encouraged 260 new customers, and 60 returning customers to click.  In addition clicks are broken down by uniqueness, proximity, store vs. deal, and public vs. exclusive.  

  The next section shows how the in-store game and discount credits are performing over the past 30 days, and all-time.  You are always provided with the ability to update your account settings directly from the emails to minimize time spent and maximize results achieved.  

  If you would like a report walk-though, no worries! Email us at or call 855-637-6278.  

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How To Create A Deal - Merchant App
How To Create A Deal - Merchant App
How To Add A Shortcut To A Group
How To Add A Shortcut To A Group
How To Enable Credits & Redeem Credit Vouchers
How To Enable Credits & Redeem Credit Vouchers
Welcome to SnapTown University!  SnapTown University is your online lifeline, a YouTube Channel that offers tips and tricks for managing your account.  Learn how to grow your business' success, build your customer base and reward your loyal customers.
We are committed to support local businesses and the surrounding community.
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