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newUSwidedeals Over 150,000 Deals Coast-to-Coast!
We are excited to announce; we have gone nationwide! We have partnered with businesses of all type and sizes, both large and small, brick-and-mortar and online.
Now, no matter where you go, dealsnapt is your up-to-the-minute, reliable, local community resource guide!
We are in Canada as well!   How about that, eh?
SmallBizFinalist  2014 Small Business of the Year Finalist
dealsnapt was honored to accept the award for the 2014 State of California 'Small Business of the Year FINALIST,' at the State Capitol!  We would like to thank all of the businesses and supporters of dealsnapt that have helped us to achieve this exciting milestone.  With many new features and updates on the way, the addition of nationwide deals, and with your continued support we are looking forward to national adoption and additional recognition.
Newsletter Summary
A bit of commotion has been stirred up here at dealsnapt HQ; we have witnessed tremendous success as a result of our newest features released in the 2.7 update this past June.  For example, our engagement numbers, measured in 'number of daily user sessions' and 'average session length', are up over 10x from May.
News10 will air our success story today, Thursday September 4th at 6 & 11pm as well as Saturday morning.  Good Day Sacramento will be visiting our offices on September 17th to report on our upcoming news.
Industry analysts agree regarding the power of a mobile device, as the best way to instantly engage consumers.
A recent study from ComScore will amaze you...twice.  
Businesses which have utilized Exclusive Offers andSpin2Win gaming, have seen their following grow quickly, in large numbers!
Have you tried these new features yet?
What's holding you back? Learn more now by visiting SnapTown University on YouTube! 
Mobile Launch Parties are a great way to rocket your business to new heights! These can be done at your business or at a local event of your choosing. Engage your customers, train your staff, and cement your following.
Mobile Launch Party Alert!!
Come celebrate with us at Bunz Pub today, in Roseville, from 4-8pm during the first game of the NFL season.  Spin2Win give-aways include a $25 gift card, FREE Wings, FREE Appetizers, and FREE drinks.  FUN FOR ALL.
Welcome to Snaptown
  Your Local Community - On the Mobile
Did you know?
There is far MORE to dealsnapt than just great deals!  You can find any local business, event and/or fund-raiser.  You can earn rewards, get special offers and see what is trending around you.
This is SnapTown, your town, your mobile community.  The ultimate local experience right in the palm of your hand.
Over 50% of consumers shop at local businesses that support the community.  SnapTown is the leading platform, to instantly engage nearby consumers through a personal channel, creating hyper-local impact for your business.
See What Businesses Have To Say About dealsnapt!
"We can throw an ad up there (on dealsnapt) and we start getting calls immediately... we're seeing [that] the return on investment is phenomenal."
- Bill McAnally,  Bill McAnally Racing and Napa Auto Care
dealsnapt Testimonial from Bill McAnally
See more testimonials on our YouTube Channel!
Celebrate Your Business!
Rocket your business to NEW heights with a Mobile Launch Party.   Jumpstart your loyalty and rewards program!
The Mobile Launch Party can be done at your location or at another community event of your choosing.  Reward customers with your on-location Spin2Win game and encourage them to follow your business to keep them coming back with Exclusive content, events and offers.
We have witnessed huge spikes in customer engagement for businesses that host a Mobile Launch Party.   Pottery World, McAnally Racing, Dirtbusters and others have averaged over 75Spin2Win engagements, and at least 50 new followers at their Mobile Launch Parties alone.
Followers are your most loyal customers; they are the ones that bring you repeat business and share you on their social networks.
All of these engagements are highlighted in 'Local Buzz' as messages, which also drives more customers into your business.
Let us help you get started!  Mobile Launch Parties are included in all Premium packages with a 12 month subscription.
BeRelevantYou Need to be Seen on a Mobile Device to be Relevant
A recent article from Comscore, one of the industry's most referenced sources, shows that Mobile Apps are now utilized more minutes per month than PCs to access the internet.  This is based on information from February 2013 - January 2014, increasing monthly.
People are increasingly active and more mobile, so this makes complete sense. The graph shows something far more significant which is actually left out of the article.  If you are thinking of mobile-optimizing your web site, you better think twice, as that is yesterday's news.
People are spending more of their time in apps than in browsers on the mobile device to a tune of500% and growing.  What does this mean for your business?
It means consumers are more likely to find your business and engage with it from purpose-built mobile applications than from mobile web-sites.   When people search for and engage with friends they use the Facebook app, when they look for information on current events they use the Twitterapp.
When people want to know what is trending in their local community and they want to find a local deal, event or fund-raiser, they use the dealsnapt app.
Purpose-built apps are happening, are simpler, more robust, and get results more quickly. Stats don't lie and comScore is an authority for online stats.
SnapTownUIntroducing SnapTown University!
In an effort to help ensure you are getting the most out of your dealsnapt account, we have brought you SnapTown University!
SnapTown University is a YouTube Channel that offers tips and tricks for managing your account, growing your business success, and your customer base, organically and virally .   Start following this channel today where you can view 90 second to 3 minute topic specific content at your leisure!
New videos are added regularly!
AppUpdateHave you tried out our new features?

  Spin2Win is a game to use at your location to instantly increase engagement.   Winning encourages your customers to share with their social networks and purchase more, more often.  You define the rewards offered and you set the winning odds.  The game can be enabled or disabled by the business owner at any time.   Read more about Spin2Win here!   Schedule a NO-Obligation Demo Today    

Reward your most loyal customers by offering them exclusive content, events or specials.   You can send exclusive offers to users who FOLLOW your business.   This content can be shared with friends via text message, email and social media, but can only be redeemed by the friend when they FOLLOW your business as well.   This is a great mechanism to grow your loyal customer base virally.
In future releases, you will have the ability to send exclusive offers to consumers based on a variety of group memberships and/or activity levels (i.e. how much they have spent, how often they share, like or comment on you, how many times they've come in, how long elapsed since their last visit, etc.)

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We are committed to support local businesses,  and the surrounding community.
the dealsnapt team
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